Grow Plants, Save Soil, Clean Air

First Principles Thinking

In order for us to leave this world better than we found it we must start producing everyday products in a regenerative or carbon-negative way. We took on the challenge of sustainable fabrics because we know the industry is dying for a true solution.

What's with the name?

Many people think the "Sol" in our name means Sun. While they are not wrong, it is actually an acronym. Sol stands for "Stalk of Life". Not only does hemp give us the building blocks for green chemistry, it also regenerates the soil, requires no pesticides, and doesn't even need irrigation. This plant is here for one reason: Life

I think your team has really found a home run and could be the next Patagonia" - Former Patagonia Exec
Cartherin Forres

Josh Jones PhD

Chief Science Officer

Jane Doe

Mansour Abdulbaki PhD

Chemical Engineer & Polymer Specialist

Cartherin Forres

Gianguido Coffa PhD


Cartherin Forres

Colt Lamb | CEO

Green ChemTech, Biobased & Circular Economy

Cartherin Forres

Bryan Nardone | COO

Operations, Mechanical Engineer

Cartherin Forres

Kylie Lamb

Sales & Partnerships